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Intermittens 7: Operation Mindfuck

By: Sheered Volva
Contributors: Pope Hilde, Captain 'Sesame Seed' Rogers, Sister Hooter, Professor Mu-Chao, Kerry Thornley, Ratatosk, Nigel, Kunda, Bmearns and Reverend Loveshade
Date added: 2014-01-15
This issue is somewhat controvertial in many Discordian circles. Be even more wary of bullshit.

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Intermittens 6: Lesser Poop

By: Cramulus
Contributors: Richter, Philly Fillet, Malcoid the Malcontent, Rev. What's-His-Name?, Suu, Eve, Eater of Clowns, Jenne, Ratatosk, Triple Zero, Sheered Volva, Quercus, The Good Reverend Roger, Videodrome, Hoopla, Cainad, Nigel, LMNO, Payne, Burns, Golden Applesauce, Planeswalker, Enki-][, Alfred Rhazi, Anton, Cain and Bobby Campbell
Date added: 2014-01-15

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